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My Favorite Developer Podcasts – 2015

Around this time last year I wrote a post on my favorite developer podcasts. I thought I would revisit the topic and update the list with what developer podcasts I am listening to now since the lineup has changed a little.

I mentioned in my post last year that I am a bit of a podcast junkie. I listen on my commute, I listen while mowing the grass, while working out, while raking leaves, while shoveling the driveway. You get the idea. Pretty much any opportunity I have, I am listening to a podcast or an audio book. AND LEARNING! If you aspire to be an outlier software developer or an outlier in whatever your field or interest is, then you should be listening too. Always be learning!

I’d love to hear what your favorite developer podcasts are? What are the good Android or iOS developer podcasts out there?

Developer Podcasts Still on my Playlist From Last Year

.NET Rocks!
This is the show that got the me started listening to developer podcasts years ago and it is still one of my favorites. Carl and Richard publish 3 high quality shows weekly and cover anything and everything related to Microsoft development. Their guests are the who’s who from the Microsoft development community.

Update: Still my favorite show and still the best Microsoft developer podcast out there.

Hanselminutes is a weekly podcast by speaker and blogger extraordinaire, Scott Hanselman. Scott covers a wide range of topics with a wide range of guests. One week the topic will be ASP.Net vNext and the next it will be on diversity. Scott’s has a seemingly effortless ability to interview people and speak intelligently on the wide range of topics for his show. New episodes of Hanselminutes is just another reason that I look forward to Fridays.

Update: I still listen to Hanselminutes almost weekly, but I have found the show topics to be less intriguing to me at times over the past few months.

MS Dev Show
This is another Microsoft developer podcast hosted by Jason Young and Carl Schweitzer. They have a weekly guest and their topics range from mobile development to IOT to Azure.

Update: This is probably my second favorite show now. The guys have definitely improved since their early days making the show much more enjoyable.

Herding Code
This is another quality podcast with great hosts and guests. But of all the shows that I have listed so far, Herding Code is probably the show that I listen to the least. The reason for this is that a good number of the topics that they cover don’t intrigue me or seem applicable to me and I only listen to them when I have exhausted all other available content. When I do see a topic that’s of interest to me, I definitely download the show and listen to it right away. Two of the hosts, K. Scott Allen and Jon Galloway, are a couple of my favorite Pluralsight and Microsoft Virtual Academy presenters.

Update: Still feel the same about this show. Love the shows when the topic is applicable to me. Otherwise, I usually don’t listen to it.

New to the Playlist

Coding Blocks
After listening to one show, it was an easy decision to add this podcast to my play list. Coding Blocks is created by Allen Underwood, Joe Zack and Michael Outlaw. Their topics aren’t just the latest technologies coming out but they also cover core programming principles and techniques like SOLID and design patterns. What I love about this show is that they cover their topics in-depth and do a pretty good job of explaining things. I just wish that they put out more than one show per month.

I debated about whether to add this podcast to this post because it is more of an entrepreneurial podcast than a developer podcast but I decided to include it since all the hosts are programmers. This show is put out by John Sonmez, Derick Bailey, Josh Earl and Charles Max Wood. Each of the hosts has their own business or product and the show is a recording of their weekly mastermind group where they talk through what the did the previous week, what their challenges were, etc. These shows are long but if you are thinking of launching a business or a product then you will pick up an endless number of tips on marketing and launching a business by listening to this podcast.

I have been slowly learning iOS development for a little while now and have been looking for good iOS development related podcasts to listen to. I think I finally found one in iPhreaks. I just came across this show within the last 2 weeks but I’ve listened to 4 episodes and have been impressed by the show so far. There is usually a panel of hosts on each show along with a guest to cover a topic. Shows come out weekly and usually run about 45 minutes.

Almost Gone

Yet Another Podcast
Jesse Liberty’s “Yet Another Podcast” is another show I enjoy listening to because he asks the questions I would ask if I was talking to the guests. He has guests that should be well known to most that follow the Microsoft community and he covers interesting topics. His shows tend to run shorter than some of the other podcasts if you have a short attention span or don’t like some of the podcasts that average an hour in length.

Update: I was getting ready to write this show off, but I just saw a tweet yesterday as I was preparing this post where Jesse said that the show should resume in a couple weeks.

Gone Mobile
Gone Mobile is a podcast that is put out by Greg Shackles and Jon Dick. They cover the latest in mobile development with a bit of a slant towards using Xamarin and C#. Great show with great content.

Update: Love this show since mobile, and Xamarin in particular, is a huge interest of mine. Shows just seem to be very few and far between anymore.

Removed from the Playlist

Windows Developer Show
Hosts (and brothers) Ryan and Travis Lowdermilk both work for Microsoft and cover topics such as Windows Phone and Windows 8 development. There is usually a weekly guest on the show, they read email feedback and they keep the show entertaining with their quick witted humor.

Update: This had become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. Unfortunately I saw recently where Ryan and Travis have no plans to record future shows.

Polymorphic Podcast
The Polymorphic Podcast used to be one of my favorite shows. The production quality and content were all top notch. Unfortunately, host Craig Shoemaker hasn’t been publishing many new shows over the past couple years. I keep it on my list and still check back occasionally hoping to find new content but that usually just ends in disappointment.

UPDATE: Craig still records shows on a very infrequent basis but I’ve removed it from my rotation of podcasts to listen to.